Thursday, July 20, 2017

Little Ouchies

 I mentioned yesterday that I was not happy about the cut I got on my thumb on Monday. I've got spinning to do and boo boos slow you down. Here is the culprit. I was making soap when I cut myself on the broken lid of a fragrance oil. I must also mention that I got a giant papercut on the pinkie on the same hand last night. AND that I stuck a pair of scissors into the side of the same thumb trying to open a package yesterday. Am I a klutz or what?

 I'll forgive the bottle because it's one of my favorites. Witches Brew.

 I love this fragrance. I did a happy dance in Yankee Candle last year when I realized this was a knock off of one of their Halloween scents.

Twigs and Berries is another fall favorite of mine but it was a messy pour. You have to let the batter rest long enough to thicken to get a nice definition of color but I got impatient and it shows. Lesson learned. Slow it down.

Now they sit until the last week of August when I will start testing them. I've got lots more fall scents to make so I hope you are using up your bits and pieces for the fall giveaway in late September. I can't wait!

Wednesday, July 19, 2017


We had a day that was forecast as not going all the way to 90 so we decided to get up at 5:30,  pack up the dogs and head to the beach. That's iced coffee btw. I'm a new convert. That's a bandaid on my thumb. Of course I got a nasty cut on the last few days of the Tour. Of course.

It sounded like a good idea but we didn't factor in the sun. It was coming up over the water and it felt like we were under a magnifying glass.

 We haven't been down to the water since the dog days descended upon us.

 Everything looked overgrown.

It was a jungle out there.

 This is the mermaid sculpture in Sunrise Park. The Big Grand is scared of it. Me too.

 Back at home I have a few blooms to show off.

My impatiens all rotted from the stem last year by this time. I hope this year they are keepers. It's nice to have a bit of color here and there.

Tuesday, July 18, 2017

Sea You Soon

 On the Tour rest day I found some time to do things that had nothing to do with fiber.

 I die cut bikinis and dyed my hands blue making ocean backgrounds to stick them on.

I cut a wave stencil out of a post it for this one. I like it.

 I embossed some and watercolored the others.

Then I stuck down some sequence that came with this month's kit.

I also made some fall soap-but that's a story for another day.

Monday, July 17, 2017

Dones and Half Dones

Kitty Poufs done. I learned a lot from making these. I see why people make a lot of them. It takes a few to get one right.

Arrow mitts done. Yeah, I know. The gradient yarn didn't play nice with the pattern. You would never know there was so much variation in color looking at the balls. Lesson learned with that gradient thing. Stick to things that don't need a match.

 One Harbor Lights sock from Miss Babs done. #2 is already on the needles so second sock syndrome was avoided.

By the time the Tour gets to Paris I want to have all the handspun projects off the needles. It's going to be a race to the finish with the Hap. There is still a long way to go.

This is for kathy b. She recently wrote a post about what she does to her patterns. Look at this mess. It's the Tracey vest and I am in the land of crazy with it. There are now decreases on the neck and the armholes while trying to keep it all in pattern. It's a challenge and the end is in sight but at only one row a sitting it's still going to be a while. My brain can't take anymore.

Sunday, July 16, 2017

Sunday Stitching

 I consider a good day one that I can settle my mind enough to sit and stitch for a few hours. That's usually Sundays.

 I put on a podcast and settle down into a big comfy chair with a bright light.

 I've got a lot of projects going and try to put a few rows on each before I move on.

 Some are easy. Some are making me crazy.

Some are old friends I've been working on for years.

Some are brand new. I couldn't resist that sheep sampler I found in the stash. Now I just have to figure out how to work it into the rotation.

Saturday, July 15, 2017

TdF: Week 2

 I'm still washing just a bit of fiber everyday but it is paying off. I have a pretty big bag of clean Polwarth to show for it.

 This  ball of singles is a big ta dah moment for me. I am out of some of the colors I need of the Cormo locks so that's it for this project.

Before I could think about plying, all those teeny tiny Cormo singles had to be wound off onto a real bobbin. It was not fun. It took forever.

 Green with Envy is almost ready for plying too. I just have one more small nest of fiber to add this morning.

 I am on the second bobbin of my Shetland rolag adventure.

I ran out of my awful ones on Wednesday so I have to make more as I go which is slowing me down.

 The Manx and flax combo is also on its second bobbin.

I grew weary of the spindles so only this one is still going. I've decided that after the Tour I am switching this fiber to a wheel because I am out of patience with this nasty stuff.

I know I will miss it when it is over but at the moment the Tour seems all uphill. I am ready for Paris.

Friday, July 14, 2017

Dog Days

 Because of all the car drama last Thursday I missed my weekly visit to Daddio. When I go to the nursing home, I always pack a big bag of different things for us to do because I never know which Daddio I will find.

Lately he has just been wanting to read this same magazine over and over. He is always so happy to see the tiger.

 He wasn't very talkative yesterday. He just poured over the pictures occasionally calling out a word here and there. Whenever I miss a visit I find he is cautious. Almost shy.

 In the late afternoon the dining room is empty. It's nice to get him all to myself for a while in the quiet. We pull up to a sunny window and settle in.

 I knit. He reads. He did take notice of the yarn today. He wanted to help me pull it out. I had to discourage that since I can't knit as fast as he can pull. Luckily, it's easy to redirect his attention these days.

Wow....I had no idea what to expect as there is no picture on the ball band but I really like this colorway. They look like summer fun-even though they are hot, scratchy wool and man, it's hot outside. Hot. Hot. Hot.

Thursday, July 13, 2017

Big Red

 That's The Mister paying the tow truck that brought Mini home. Repairs did not go well.

She blew a head gasket and the dealer wants anywhere between $2500 and $9000 (!) to fix her. Gulp. I should mention she is a 2003 with 150,000 miles. Not worth fixing they say.

 The Mister was making arrangements for the dealer just to junk her when I went to blubbering pieces and insisted we bring her home. I paid $95 to have AAA tow her 25 miles home. I spent the night watching videos on people doing this repair themselves. I can't quite convince The Mister but I'm still working on him. What do we have to lose?

Right now she is just a driveway decoration but at least my baby is home. I can't believe how happy I was to see her. I gave the tow truck driver $20 for lunch and had to restrain myself from hugging him. Silly old me. She's just a car-fiber glass, metal and glass. My head knows this but my heart just isn't agreeing.

So what am I driving now that Mini is out of commission? Meet Big Red. The Mister made me go pick out a Ford Escape. After my scary accident in December, he says bigger is better. I say brighter is better so they had to order me a red one.  Now I just need some white stripes on the hood-and to figure out how to park this monster.