Thursday, February 23, 2017

Pre-Season Fleece

 The weather people promised us nice weather this week and since I was itching to get into the fleece shed I went ahead and started digging the bags out. This is Nora. She's a Shetland and I don't think I've played with her yet.

 This is Finley. I spun him for last year's TdF.

 This is Winston. I made a nice vest out of him. I'm thinking he needs a little color this time around.

 This is an unnamed Merino. I like it better when they include the sheep's names on the info sheets.

 Nora got bagged up for washing.

 Finley got picked over. I think I may have seen the best of him.

 No Name Merino got washed in jars.

 Then got doused with colors.

Not bad for a morning's work. Now I just need some sun. It never did get warm here. It was damp and chilly. I guess I got all excited for nothing.

Wednesday, February 22, 2017

Practically Done Deals

 The Nurmilintu scarf is back on track after its major surgery. I think I have enough  handspun for one more garter and one more lace section.

 The Ghazal  cowl has to be done. I am out of handspun. Now I have to pull out those provisional stitches and graft it. That's always scary.

The Eponymuff cowl is just a few rows short of also being a done deal.

This week we are heading to the high 70's temp wise. So much warm and wooly neck wear-so little winter. I suppose there's always next year.

Tuesday, February 21, 2017

Pins and Needles

I am in the process of quilting the mini quilt. For some reason I forgot all about this step and went right to binding.

 It's actually a good thing I did or I would never had got it in a hoop. It would have been too small.

 I wanted to hand quilt it since my wonky machine quilting would look pretty bad on something so small.

 My stitching is not as tiny and perfect a my great grandmother's was but it'll do. When it comes to sewing, I never aim for perfection because it ain't gonna happen.

I also want to thank Elizabeth for the nice note and the sweet bookmark. Isn't that just the cutest thing? And the little sheep's not bad either.

Monday, February 20, 2017

Two Down

 This weekend we went to our second skating competition of the season. Thank goodness it was local. I'm still worn out from last weekend's traveling.

 It was a good chance for some of our individual skaters to vindicate themselves. The Ohio competition was tough. We weren't exactly on home ice but it was close enough.

It was an pretty horrendous day for me on Sunday when I had to put up all three team's worth of scenery plus manage all of the bits and pieces that go with the numbers. It was not fun.

That explains why I don't have lots of wonderful photos of everything that was going on. I never had time. I was furiously assembling pvc frames and using up rolls and rolls of duck tape behind the scenes which is not in the least bit glamorous.

Though we had three production events, I only skate on two teams so I only came away with a first place for my turn as the Old Hag in Snow White and a fourth place for being a jellyfish in our hot mess that is Yellow Submarine. Everyone loved the concept and the overall appearance but our skaters who are mostly our new kids left a lot to be desired. The adult team that did the Hair number I had hastily put together for them in December also came in first so it wasn't a total bust of a day. Now I have an entire month before I have to think of any of this and I am going to enjoy every minute.

Sunday, February 19, 2017

Lip Service

 I started making my own soap stuff because I could never use the store bought kind without itching and burning.

It was the same for things that you put on your lips. All the usual brands of lip protection made my lips itchy. Anything with an SP value makes my lips swell.

I wasn't sure where this was going but I bought some supplies for making your own lip gloss type potions from the same company that sells me my soap supplies. At first I was skeptical but now, after a few months of use, I love the stuff. I've got a little pot in all my pockets.

Saturday, February 18, 2017

Tough Stuff

 The new warp is getting threaded slowly but surely.

 There was a few false starts but I think I've got the hang of how to keep track of this really complicated draft. It involves lots of highlighters and sticky notes.

 The next installment of my towel of the month club showed up.

 I love the colors but it's getting shelved.

Even though it is still February, spring is already in the air around here so I think that this kit will be a better choice, right?

Friday, February 17, 2017

A Sign of the Times

I went to see Daddio yesterday and what I found was a nursing home filled with oldies glued to the TV. Usually it is the Hallmark station but yesterday it was CNN thanks to you-know-who's unhinged rant of a presser. Anti-Trump sentiment runs high among those left of The Greatest Generation. They didn't make the sacrifices they did for the freedoms we enjoy to have it being mangled by the man baby from the golden tower. As for all those lovely immigrants whose hard work and dedication keep the place going-God bless you for being kind and patient with my old man. What would we do without you?