Friday, December 15, 2017

Friday Felines-Kitties on Ice and More

Look at Daughter's new custom skates!!! She wears red ones for coaching and when she went to have a fitting for a new pair noticed that Riedell can now put cut out designs in the leather. Nothing but a kitty would do for my cat crazy daughter. All she needs is a blade fitting and these cool kitties will be ready to go.

 I also need to say thank you to Mere who sent me this adorable itty bitty monster that a friend of hers knit. I just love knitted stuffies. She looks very sweet nestled among the baubles and lights.

Speaking of the tree, The Mister declared it drab this year so we set out to Ikea yesterday with hopes to pick up a few new things to jazz it up. What I discovered was that Christmas is officially over at Ikea. I had to dig through the leftovers to find a few of these crocheted stars. I think the problem is that I usually tinsel the tree but this year I couldn't find any tinsel so it's not shimmering like it should.  Oh, well....I'll be taking it down soon enough and the upside is that I won't be vacuuming up silver stuff all winter.

Thursday, December 14, 2017

Watch This Space

It's hard to believe that it's only two months until Valentine's Day. All that Christmas soap (100 plus bars!) flew off the shelves so I thought I had better get back into production for some late winter/early spring gifting since it takes 6 weeks to cure and at least another week to wrap. Over the weekend the snow was a big help in cooling down the lye solution. I wish it had hung around longer.

Meet Huckleberry Honey. Yep. I made it with Betsy's honey and lots of buttermilk. It smells wonderful. It was all I could do to keep myself from tasting it.

This is Pomegranate Geranium and the jury is out on this fragrance sample. Geraniums are weird smelling and I have no idea if pomegranates even have a fragrance but it's got real pomegranate butter in it so it might feel better in the tub than it smells. We'll see.

This is Chocolate Mousse and I know what you are thinking. Ick. Chocolate soap? Cocoa butter in it's natural form smells just like chocolate and I've become a big fan. This one is full of creamy cocoa butter and coconut milk so I've got high hopes for it. It might just be the thing for what ails you come February.

 Last month's fragrance sample was Lavender Woods. I really like this one. It's lavender but with something earthy added. Interesting.

 Love Spell is an old favorite. It's a Victoria's Secret knock off that smells like Valentine's Day to me. The Mister gave me a bottle of it ages ago and I remember that particular Valentine's Day fondly. Oh, to be young again.

Mediterranean Fig is my all time favorite fragrance. It's nothing like figs but it's yummy. I didn't spare the goat's milk or the yogurt on these last three batches since I needed to use it up. I can't wait for these to cure.

So...if you got some holiday soap from me, use it up. Between these bars (54!) and the 6 more batches I have planned next week when new supplies arrive, I am going to need some homes to send it to. Come February 1st, watch this space!

Wednesday, December 13, 2017

Left Behind

The poor loom has been sharing the soap room since we upended the house to tear up the bathroom.

I have this warp all ready to go but there is just too much of a mess in the way with all the soap packaging to get comfortable enough with it to move it to the loom. That's scary business.

I would have been more motivated if I had a need for holiday towels but look what I pulled out of the bin. I had forgotten I had been on a weaving frenzy last year to get these done. The last thing I need is more Christmas towels-but something new for the New Year might be nice.

I also want to thank Karen for this lovely surprise package that showed up yesterday all the way from Wisconsin. It's a yummy chocolate bar and a beautiful batik covered journal. Both are much appreciated and will be put to very good use. Thanks so much!

Tuesday, December 12, 2017

Card Kit Crazy

I said I wasn't going to buy anymore card kits but look what I went and did. This kit is called Milk and Cookies and it has a Santa. I don't have a Santa. This, of course, will be tucked away until next year's cards but I can still have fun with it until then.

This also followed me home. Look at that sweet little snow covered village. Who could resist it?

These are the cards me and The Mister are mass producing at the moment. It's hard to come up with guy-type Christmas cards for his old post office buddies every year but I think these will work.

Daughter is going to love the skater bears.

I've got lots going on with this Hanukkah card for my former co-worker who taught me how to play dreidle and to make really yummy latkes. The Mister even asked when Hanukkah is this year. He likes those latkes too. Tonight, dear.

And finally I played dress up with some snowmen once again for two friends that I haven't seen in a while. I can certainly say I've made good use of the card kit collection this year-and it's been fun.

Monday, December 11, 2017

Sew, Sew Sunday

 I got two packages from Connecting Threads this week. First I ordered some backing material for Daddio's wonky Christmas quilt and some material I thought would make a nice apron. Now that I see it, I think not. Too dark.

 Then I saw this new collection. It's called Penguins Love Colors and it will be an apron for January. I didn't know it at the time but it's also a children's book. Cute.

 The extra wide backing material I was waiting for was a bust. Apparently I don't know how to measure it and it was too small. It's 104" wide and like a big dummy I ordered only one yard. I was really ticked at myself because the whole point of it was that I didn't want seams on the back. Grrrr...

I got over my tizzy, seamed it and then made my sandwich. I'll start quilting it on the Juki another day. I was all done in by the drama. I needed to go sit in a quiet corner and knit then get out and enjoy the snow we have left.

Sunday, December 10, 2017

December Snow

 It hardly ever snows in December around here so yesterday was a treat.

It started out slow but by nightfall we had a couple of inches of the fluffy stuff. I was beyond happy.

 The tree went up. I never put it up this early but it was the thing to do.

 The Santa puzzle was put out. I got the border done watching White Christmas.

 Santa kept a watch over the proceedings and wondered why I haven't fixed his nose yet. Every year I say I am going to.

 I am ashamed to say I got into the fruitcake. Nothing else would do and I had to stop myself from making cookies. Snow or no snow-it's way too early for that.

If the snow wasn't enough, look what The Mister found in the mailbox. Gorgeous fiber and squee worthy sock yarn from Val plus a fabulous sock book from Kathy B that I've had my eye on for a while. It was like Christmas morning in here all afternoon. Thanks ladies!!!!

Saturday, December 9, 2017

Some Spinning and a Surprise

 I like to spin while I watch TV and my lack of spinning shows that I am in a show hole. I had been plying some singles that I finished while watching Mindhunter on Netflix but it ended before the singles did.

 I ended up plying along to some of the worst holiday movies cable has to offer. Thank goodness I have good movies on DVD but the DVD player is on the TV in the card making room and there is no room for a wheel in that mess.

Those singles are from this fiber I picked up at the SVFF. It's Merino and silk from Dragonfly fibers in the festival colorway. It's been a real pleasure to work with.

 It got a good soak and a twacking. The silk in it makes it very soft but very odd feeling. It feels a bit like cotton.

It turned out nicely but there's not much yardage. It's going to be a challenge to find a project for it.

 Then there is Finely.  I've been spinning this same fleece for three years now.

 And there is still so much more to do. Finley is a Shetland fleece I picked up somewhere or other. I've got no real plans for it other than get it done. I think my big fleece washing days are over. I don't have the attention span anymore to spin the same thing over and over.

My handspun knitting project is coming along slowly but surely. My goal is to always be knitting something with yarn I have spun. I've got to use up this tub of handspun one way or another or there's no point in spinning anymore, right?

Finally, look at what showed up in the mail. Surprise! Yummy Huckleberry goodies all the way from Washington State plus an adorable needle holder that went right into good use.  You just know I am going to have to design a Huckleberry Honey soap now for spring. Thanks so much Betsy-you've inspired a project!